When the maranoia kicks in…..

Maranoia (n.): Fear of something going wrong (illness, injury, etc.) in the weeks before a marathon.

I’ve forgotten how to run. I’m definitely getting a cold. I’ve put on 3 stone in the last week. My knee feels a bit….. niggly.

None of this is actually true (I hope), but this is what my head is churning out right now. This time next week I’ll be settling down for what will probably be a fairly rubbish night’s sleep, before lining up at the start line of the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday morning.

I wondered if perhaps because this will be my second marathon I might feel less apprehensive about the big day. A week before Brighton I was bouncing off the walls- I spent hours reading the race guide and getting little bursts of adrenalin imagining crossing the finish line. Sure, I was nervous, but I was also SO excited.

This time round, if I had to pick one word to sum up how I’m feeling, and being really honest- it would be ‘tired’. In the last 2 and a half months, I’ve run one marathon and two half marathons. Brighton was 6 weeks ago- 2 weeks after that I did a 17 mile training run, and two weeks after that was a half marathon race. I’ve started back in the gym, doing some Pilates and circuit training. I am wrecked.

In hindsight, having such a tightly packed schedule for the first half of the year was probably not that sensible. I’ve been lucky not to have had any real serious injuries during my training period, and felt like I had recovered fairly quickly after Brighton. I can still feel the marathon in my legs though- everything is heavy and tight- and I can certainly feel it reflected in my energy levels. The fact that I am running another marathon in 7 days time doesn’t feel real.

I’ve spent some time this afternoon organising everything ready for race day, sorting out my gels, kit and other bits and bobs. I usually find that being prepared helps calm my anxious brain down a little bit. I’m going to go out for a nice easy 10km tomorrow, and have a sports massage on Monday to sort out any niggles.

I plan to spend this week sleeping a lot, eating even more and hoping that the excitement kicks in soon!



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